Club History

2009 - Celebrating 21 years of Square Dancing on the Gold Coast

Twenty-one years ago, a square dance club started its life in the Church of England Hall at Burleigh Heads, dancing 1st, 3rd and 5th Saturday nights of each month. This club was to become what we now know as Burleigh Square Dance Club Incorporated.

Amongst the early members were Charles and Olive Watson, John and Brenda Stainsby, Pauline Hore, Joe Hicks and Gwen Moritz (Treasurer) to name a few.

While alterations were being made to the original venue, the Club moved to Mudgeeraba on a temporary basis.  However, when it was time to return to Burleigh, it was found that the hall improvements meant there were extra charges for urn, kitchen etc. So another move was made to Burleigh School. From there the Club moved to its existing venue, the Maher Hall.

The first Birthday dance was held at Tweed Civic Centre with more than 250 people in attendance and 11 callers.


Burleigh’s first time of hosting the Queensland Society Christmas Dance was 1994 and it was held at Marymount College - possibly the best Society event ever!


Callers were numerous over the years: Kay Walker, Dale Malinskudder, Col Myers and Gene Medford spring to mind.

Alan Evans is currently our principal caller with Andrew Reid as backup, and John Casey filling in when neither Alan nor Andrew are available.

Update 26/05/2012: John Casey is now living in Bundaberg and is no longer calling for Burleigh Squares.

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